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Why Apple Home

Why Apple Home

The world's most secure and integrated smart home platform.


When choosing a home automation platform, it's extremely important to consider your security and privacy. With Apple Home, your home and data is safe. Apple Home accessories never talk to the cloud and all data is encrypted. Apple does not have access to your camera streams, can't listen in on your conversations or tell if your accessories are being used. All communication between your accessories takes place locally. Accessories such as doors, windows and security systems require authentication on your iOS device. Your data and identity is protected and secured ensuring that you, your home and your information is protected.

Integrated into your lifestyle

The best home automation solution is the one that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. Your Apple Home by Domotic can be controlled with a wide selection of Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, HomePod, AirPods, Apple TV and Apple Watch. Using just your voice with Siri, requests can be made from anywhere inside or outside of your home. In addition, you can still interact with your physical house controls you are already familiar with. Accessories can also be controlled using the Home app providing flexibility and choice allowing your home to revolve around you and your requirements.

Flexible design options

Apple Home solutions can be installed at the build phase of a new home or can easily be retrofitted to an exiting home. Using the latest in secure wireless technologies, an entire solution can be setup in a fraction of the time and cost in comparison to legacy home automation solutions without the need for complex plans, wiring or expensive integration.

Simple access control

Apple homes from Domotic includes simple user management allowing you to share control of your home with family, friends, guests or trades people. With the Home app, access control can be instantly setup or revoked when required providing your guests keyless access that is secure allowing them to control accessories when required. For airbnb style accomodation this simplifies the operation of your investment and makes it easy for your customers to feel more in control of their stay.

Future proofing your investment

Apple Home and Matter accessory manufacturers are required to go through a stringent certification process ensuring that the devices in your home are safe, reliable and secure. This means that they will work seamlessly with Apple products and operating systems. Being certified also means that accessories will continue to work well into the future as new features and functions are added over time to your Apple products. 

Backed by Apple

Apple is one of the most trusted and valuable companies in the world and prides itself on beautiful design, usability and security. All Apple products are shipped with Apple Home capability installed and ready out of the box to control the smart home of your dreams meaning you can leverage your existing investment. Domotic was founded by an ex Apple Executive in 2020 driven by a passion for Home Automation. We believe that we can enhance the lives of Australians through technology and innovation. 

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