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Please note that all Lifx products are currently under constraint. We are taking backorders and placing backorders orders with Lifx however we do not have an ETA at this point. Contact us for more information.


This one-metre light strip is the first and simplest of a series of kits that are easy to apply to TVs. 1m/3’3” is the perfect length for easy, straight application to the back of most large TV’s (46” and above) so no folding of the strip is required. 

Features Polychrome Technology: 8 addressable colour zones, and millions of colours, great for bias lighting to relieve eye strain and improve perceived picture quality. 

Includes 1m of strip + controller + power supply + plug.

Z LED Strip 1m Kit ("Z TV")

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  • 3’3”  LIFX Z light strip kit

    Endless color combinations and blended white light

    Connects via Wi-Fi so no hub needed

    Polychrome Technology™ -8 addressable zones

    Extend up to 32.8 feet, 700 lumens per strip up to a maximum

    Two year limited hardware warranty

    Schedule on-off, fade, color change for:


    Energy efficiency and

    Security when away from home

  • Brightness 700 lumens
    Wattage Use 8 Watts
    Wattage on Standby < 0.5 Watts
    Voltage Range AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
    Beam Angle 120 degrees
    Dimming Software Dimming (1% - 100%)
    LED Lifespan 22.8 years
    Wi-Fi Router Requirement 802.11b,g,n standards compliant
    Security WPA, WPA2
    Product Dimensions L x W x H 3.3’ x 0.47’
    Cable Length 0.5m cable from Power Plug to Controller Unit. 2.0m cable from Controller Unit to LED Strip.
    Single Unit Weight 1.12 lbs
    Packaged Dimensions L x W x H 6.5’ 6.5’ x 2.6’
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