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Save significant water and money with the Yardian Pro while maintaining a green and beautiful garden. Yardian Pro created by Aeon Matrix is the smartest sprinkler controller on the market and uses realtime local weather conditions to determine how much or little to water your garden. (Also compatible with the Netatmo Weather Station & Smart Rain Gauge for more precise weather readings at your home). Level 1 Water restriction compliant.

Yardian Pro Smart Sprinkler Controller

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  • Yardian Pro Station Wireless Smart Irrigation Controller

    Comprehensive Connectivity

    With 4x the signal strength in the internal Wi-Fi, plus RJ45 and USB ports for direct Ethernet or 4G connection, it’s easier than ever to deploy your Yardian.

    Instant Controls

    On-device control buttons now let you run any zone for a specified duration without the need for a smartphone. You can also check the connection and status of your sprinkler valves directly on the device.

    Complete Extensibility

    Yardian Pro features two sets of sensor inputs to support rainfall and flow sensors and also includes a dedicated master zone and 24VAC outputs.

    Power Efficiency

    A 100VAC~240VAC full-range power adapter with Level VI power efficiency is included, so you can easily install your device with any kind of power source without relying on bulky transformers.

    Manual Program with Seasonal Adjustment

    A Manual Program is designed to follow your preferences for watering schedule. You only need to set it up one time, and Yardian will automatically adjust the watering schedule every month based on your Seasonal Adjustment setting.

    Adjustable Smart Program

    EPA WaterSense certified weather-based Smart Program calculates your watering schedules automatically based on the property profile, local weather conditions, and optional proprietary Water Restrictions database. Soaking cycles are automatically applied to prevent water run-off. This program is adjustable to better suit your watering needs.

    Conditional Program

    A Conditional Program allows you to create a watering schedule with a trigger event, such as specific temperatures. It’s a special program that you can use in addition to a Smart Program or Manual Program for your zone(s).

    Skip Rules​

    You can choose to skip watering schedules created by your Smart Program and/or Manual Program. There are 4 skip rules that you can use based on Chance of Rain, Rain Sensor Skip, Manual Skip, and Freeze Prevention.

    Master Valve and 24VAC Output

    Dedicated master zone and 24VAC output.

    Master Valve By Zone​

    This is a powerful feature that activates your master valve or pump relay only for zones in need. With the help of a relay, you can control a wider variety of applications, such as light systems or any devices that require schedules.

    Voice Activation

    Yardian may be activated by using Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Specific voice commands provide customized control of your lawn’s watering requirements, such as watering your property based on specific zones.

    Multiple Yardians

    Multiple Yardians work seamlessly with different sets of Smart Program Hours to provide complete coverage for your lawn or garden.

  • APP

    • iOS 9.0+ and Android™ 5.0 Lollipop®+
    • Web control available:


    • 8-zone with surge and overcurrent/short protection
    • On-device buttons for “zone status detection” and “instant watering control”
    • RJ45 port and USB port
    • Dedicated master valve/pump
    • Dedicated 24VAC output port Two sensor ports
    • Wire range: 14AWG – 22AWG

    Dimensions and Weight

    • 6” L x 6” W x 1.38” H (15cm x 15cm x 3.5cm)
    • 0.45Kg

    Controller Power

    • Yardian must be connected to the power adapter included
    • Input: 36VDC, 1.66A
    • Output: 24VAC, Max.1A

    External Power Adapter

    • Input: 100 – 240VAC, 50 – 60Hz, Level VI efficiency
    • Output: 36VDC, 1.66A

    Rain Sensor Support

    • Programmable to Normally Closed (NC) or Normally Open (NO)

    Flow Sensor Support

    • Pulse output sensor

    Operating Temperature

    • -30°C to 60°C


    • 2-year limited warranty


    • Indoor Installation design

    Internet Connection

    • Built-in Wi-Fi 2.4G, 802.11 b/g/n

    Future Proof

    • Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
    • Future integrations through Over-The-Air software updates


    • EPA WaterSense, Wi-Fi, UL, CE, FCC and RCM certified
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