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Thinka for KNX allows you control your home with Siri.

Thinka for KNX

GST Included |
  • We understand that your home is your castle and therefor Thinka is developed with the utmost care. Thinka is certified by Apple for HomeKit, by Amazon for Echo, as well as CE certified. Thinka only needs to be connected to the Internet for updates and we do not store any information on any cloud. The data is yours. Communication between iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and the HomeKit-enabled  is secured by HomeKit technology.

    Siri and HomeKit

    You can use Apple's Home App on your iPhone or iPad to switch on lights, close the curtains or turn up the heat. Or do it all at once with HomeKit scenes. And share with all people in your household.

    With a little more patience and our help you could also create 'Automations' that control scenes or individual accessories when the sun goes down or when you get home.

    It's even more fun to talk to Siri in your own language. Siri currently understands more than 30 languages, including English, German, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

    Instructions for talking to Siri can be found under support.

    When you have an Apple TV or iPad you can control your accessories away from home and automatically through triggers such as time of day, location, sensor detection, or the action of an accessory. For more information see support.
    Thinka allows you to manage your lights, switches, curtains, (Venetian) blinds and climate control. And it reads sensors such as temperature, humidity, CO2, motion, contact and occupancy.

    Connecting to KNX

    Connecting Thinka to your KNX installation is typically done by a 'system integrator', but with a little technical skill it can easily done by anyone. The Thinka is typically installed on the DIN-rail, connected to KNX via twisted pair, Ethernet and power. 

    Configuration is done by a few simple steps in our wizard. To get started, you can upload your ETS file to your Thinka and tailor the names and addresses for voice control by Siri or Alexa. Or HomeKit of course directly with the Home app. We have installation and configuration instructions in video and the User manual.

  • Security

    - Encyption
    - Network
    - Backup & Restore
    - Authentication


    - On/Off
    - Scene
    - Push buttons


    - On/Off
    - Brightness
    - Color
    - Color temperature

    Blinds and curtains

    - Current position
    - Open/close
    - Target position
    - Slat position


    - Temperature
    - Mode
    - Heating
    - Cooling


    - Temperature
    - Humidity
    - CO2
    - Contact
    - Motion
    - Presence
    - Light
    - Leak
    - Smoke

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