The tado° Smart AC Control V3+ is the smart way to control your AC.  It replaces your existing remote control and connects to your Wi-Fi - without additional wiring. (Shipping 6.10.20)

Tado Smart AC Control V3+

SKU: 104179
  • The tado° Smart AC control is your Climate Assistant that takes care of your comfort at home and helps to reduce your energy bill.

    Control your AC from anywhere with the tado° app on your phone and have a clear overview of your climate history and savings. The intuitive app enables you to control various functions of your air conditioner / heat pump from anywhere, more comfortably and efficiently than ever before.

    Reduce your energy consumption, save money and enjoy the perfect room temperature at all times with help of intelligent Skills: Geofencing, Open Window Detection, Weather Adaptations.

    tado° is compatible with ACs / air-to-air heat pumps with an infrared remote control with a display and works with Apple HomeKit.

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