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The perfect companion to the Nuki Smart Lock, the Nuki Fob is a remote control for those who love simplicity. As a full-fledged key replacement, the Fob locks or unlocks your door at the touch of a button.

Nuki Fob

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  • he Nuki Fob allows you to grant other people access without giving them an extra key. Never again replace keys or change lock - simply deactivate the lost Fob in the Nuki app or through Nuki Web and you’re done. You decide who enters your house when and how often. This makes working together with your caregiver or cleaner much easier.

    • Bluetooth remote control - lock or unlock your door at any time without a smartphon (Nuki Bridge is not needed)
    • Maximum security - the Fob can be deactivated on your smartphone at any time ensuring absolutely safe access authorisation even in case of loss
    • Ideal for children and seniors - the Nuki Fob is shock and water resistant - a practical key replacement for children, seniors & people with disabilities
    • Multifunctional - can be authorised for up to 100 Smart Locks - automated access control for front doors & back doors
    • Bye bye replacement key - all your contacts get convenient, yet controlled access to your home - permanent, temporary or recurring
    • Compatible with any smart lock - combine the Fob with any Nuki Smart Lock - even without a Nuki Bridge, Wi-Fi or a smartphone
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    Product Fob
    Color Black
    Product dimensions approx. 55 x 24 x 6 mm
    Origin China
    Power supply Battery CR1632 (included)
    Communication Bluetooth 4.0 or higher 
    Operating temperature 10-40°C
    Protection types IP65, shockproof MIL-STD-810G 516.6
    Bluetooth-Range 15m, depending on your facility 
    Warranty  Two years 
    Security  End-to-End-Encryption with Challenge-Response (equal to eBanking).
    More about the Nuki encryption concept
    Operating options  Button for locking 
    Delivery contents 1x Nuki Fob
    1x Manual
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