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Light Panels Linkers, add-on to Smarter Kit only

Nanoleaf Light Panels Linkers

SKU: NC04-0002-9PK
GST Included |
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    • Connectors to install Light Panels and expand your design or keep as spare
    • Nanoleaf Modular Panels snap together like LEGO pieces
    • Apple Homekit Certified, Apps for iOS & Android
    • Quick & easy 'no hassle' installation
    • Available in 9-Pack only


    Create bigger and wall-to-ceiling Light Panels installations with these additional Linkers. Nanoleaf aims to transform simple surface lighting to engaging surface art, powered by Nanoleaf's high-efficiency RGBW light emitting diode technology.

    Linkers are only available in 9-Pack, non-retail envelope packaged. They bring an amazing new amount of design option to upgrade Nanoleaf Light Panels , smart lighting designed to help you light up your life your way.

    Combine up to 30 panels for the ultimate experience.

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