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Nanoleaf Elements bring together smart technology and bespoke lighting for a natural harmony of both worlds. Customisable modular panels finished with a wood grain veneer add an elegant and organic feel to your home. Beautiful both on and off, the textured panels create geometric wall art that illuminates with a dynamic glow to softly fill your space. 

Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Starter Kit (7 Pack)

SKU: NL52-K-7005HB-7PK
GST Included |
  • Warm to cool lighting options create calming nature-inspired scenes like a crackling fireplace and gently moving clouds, setting the ambience for unwinding before bed or getting cosy in your favourite reading nook. Choose from a list of curated scenes or paint your own breathtaking murals of light with the intuitive Nanoleaf App. Easy adhesive installation, no wiring or drilling needed.

    • Customisable modular light panels finished with a wood grain veneer add an elegant and organic feel to your home
    • Explore your own unique lighting designs by arranging the modular panels into any configuration you want
    • Create geometric artwork with the nature-inspired organic Hexagon shapes or turn them on to set the ideal ambience
    • Easily secure panels to the wall with included adhesives. It's easier than putting up a picture frame
    • Choose from a range of warm to cool lighting options to illuminate your space with a natural glow
    • Experience the cosy feeling of a Crackling Fireplace or the tranquility of a Calming Waterfall with dynamic glowing effects
    • Use the touch buttons to control the brightness, cycle through scenes, on/off, or open the Nanoleaf App for more customisations
    • Perfect for elevating a home decor, creating a cosy warm ambiance in the room, finding inspiration, or setting up your personal wellness space
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