The main repeater lets you control your lights and blinds from a smartphone or tablet using the free Lutron App. It also enables system integration with
Apple HomeKit . If you need to expand the wireless range of your system, you can add a wireless repeater to enjoy control throughout your home

Lutron RA2 Select Main Repeater

  • Simple retrofit solution

    In-line dimmer/in-line switch fits in the ceiling void for fast, convenient installation. Pico wireless controls require no wires and batteries will last
    10 years.

    The main repeater is connected to the home network to enable setup, control, and monitoring via the Lutron or Apple Home App.

    Easily set multiple lights and blinds to just the right level, creating scenes for any activity. Scene keypads automatically configure to provide the best lighting for the task at hand in each scene.

    In the kitchen, for example, lights and blinds can adjust for cooking, a quiet dinner, or cleaning up.

    The Smart Bridge contains Apple HomeKit technology, so you can use Siri® to control your lights and blinds.

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