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A contact sensor with a temperature measurement feature

FIBARO Door & Window Sensor

GST Included |
  • The most compact size

    The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor is the best designed and the smallest contact and temperature sensor available on the market. Its miniature dimensions and unusual lightness makes it almost invisible on your window frames and doors.

    The perfect combination of 4 features

    The FIBARO Door/Window sensor combines many features that let you increase your comfort and safety.

    • Contact sensor
    • Tamper protection
    • Temperature sensor
    • An element of the security system

    Simple to install, easy to use

    Hundreds of places, dozens of uses

    The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor seamlessly fits into any interior design and, most importantly, is simple to install. There are many places where such a sensor would be very useful - find them all!

    • Roof windows
    • Main doors
    • Garage doors
    • Windows
    • Doors
    • Safety gates

    Works with HomeKit

    We have created a special series of the FIBARO Door/Window Sensors which work with Apple HomeKit. The devices are equipped with all the features of the standard sensors which are intended for use in the FIBARO System.

    You will never forget to close a window

    A house equipped with the FIBARO Door/Window Sensors will remind you about open windows. It may do so when you’re about to leave for work, go to sleep, or when it looks like rain.

    Welcome home!

    You can use the FIBARO Door/Window Sensor as a scene activator. When placed by the main door, the sensor may launch a sequence which will greet the entering inhabitants.

    Immediate notifications

    You will know about every door or window which was left open by accident. The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor will send you information about it directly to your smart phone.

    Alarm notifications

    The FIBARO System allows you to arm your devices. In case of tampering, an alarm scene will be activated and notification will be send.

    Protection from tampering and damage

    The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor will immediately inform you about any attempts to remove the sensor or open its case. You can be sure that you and your family are protected.

    The mysterious animal paths

    A sensor placed by pet doors will let you monitor their activity at any time. If you’re worried about your furry friend, set a scene in which the system will automatically let you know when they leave or return.

    Everything under control

    The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor is also perfect as the guardian of the home first aid kit, the tools, or anything holding dangerous objects. If they are opened FIBARO will notify you.

    Automatic control of the light

    Places where the simplest way of turning on the light is opening the door will be perfect for the FIBARO Door/Window Sensor. After a set time it may turn off the lamp automatically to make sure you are not increasing your bill unnecessarily.

    The safety of the youngest ones

    The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor will be ideal in the role of a staircase gate guardian. When a gate is open for a longer while, the device will remind you to close it.

    • Bluetooth communication
    • 2 years battery life
    • Simple scene available
    • Apple Siri® voice control
    • Apple devices from iOS 9
    • Sharing home available
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