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Smart Plug & Power Meter. Empower your appliances.Switch appliances on and off from anywhere. Know how much power they’re using. And have them come to life on their own. Everything about Eve Energy says: you’re in control.

Eve Energy

SKU: 10EAC6001
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  • Talk or tap to control.

    Hands tied? Already comfortable? Switch on any appliance in your home with a simple tap, Siri voice command, or a press of the onboard button. And activate the child lock to prevent unwanted operation. 

    Access on the go.

    Your home hub will keep you connected to your abode whether you’re strolling around the block, or exploring the world.

    Put everyday essentials on autopilot.

    Set schedules for lights, humidifiers, fans, and other vital devices. Then go about your usual business while they get on with theirs – all independently of your home hub.

    Make it easy for everyone.

    Have your appliances respond to occupancy. So everything is as it should be for the last to leave and first to return.

    Watch those watts.

    Curiosity. Economy. Conservation. Reasons to monitor power consumption and projected cost are aplenty. Eve Energy gives you the insight to embrace yours.

    Set the perfect scene.

    Scenes enable multiple accessories to work in concert. So you can create a scene called "Bedtime" that turns on your bedside lamp via Eve Energy, locks your doors, and shuts your shades – all with one tap or voice command.  

    Command on demand.

    Set scenes in a flash via Siri, your Control Center, or Apple Watch. Easily engage accessories using the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. And to see concise records, gain insights, and enjoy full control of your connected home, look no further than the Eve app.

    Eve accessories are exclusively HomeKit-enabled. Your personal data is under no circumstances captured, saved to a cloud, or sold. Even when accessing your home remotely via your home hub, all data is end-to-end encrypted and stored on your iPhone or iPad. Superior privacy, advanced security, and absolute peace of mind – it’s all here.

    Truly smart.

    Equipped with Bluetooth low energy technology, Eve accessories ensure reliable operation independently of bridges. Setup is quick and easy. Energy consumption is minimal. And accessory response time is snappy.

    Compatible with your ecosystem.

    Straight out of the box, Eve accessories work with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch. Your HomePod or Apple TV will serve as a home hub, seamlessly automating your accessories and keeping you connected while out and about. 

  • iPhone or iPad with iOS/iPadOS 13.4 or later

    Controlling this HomeKit-enabled accessory automatically and away from home requires a HomePod or an Apple TV with tvOS 13.4 or later as a home hub


    Input / Output:

    AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz


    max. 8 A / 1840 W

    Incandescent Tungsten Lamp Load: Max. 1A / 240 W

    Ambient Temperature: 0-35°C

    Internal Fuse: 12.5 A

    Relay switched of by software at more than 11 A current

    Standby Power Consumption: < 1 W

    Compatibility Australia:

    Type I sockets (AS 3112)



    Wireless Connection Bluetooth Low Energy



    77 x 77 x 60 mm

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