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Made to Measure: Designed exclusively for eufyCam 2C. Provides a snug and secure fit without Interfering with the camera’s operation. Conceal Your Camera: Blends seamlessly into the surrounding environment to conceal your eufyCam from potential intruders. Install in Seconds: The soft and flexible silicone skin can be applied and removed from eufyCam in seconds. Additional Protection: Provides added protection against UV rays and rain. What’s In The Box: eufyCam 2C Skin (2-Pack)

eufyCam 2C Skin (2-Pack)

SKU: T8710111
GST Included |
    • UV & Water-resistant: skin protects your Eufy Camera from outdoor elements.
    • Lightweight and durable: Made of lightweight and durable silicone material in convenient slip-on, slip-off design.
    • Blends in more easily with any environment: stylish or rugged. 
    • Versatile Use: Ideal for outdoor and indoor use.
    • Compatible with: eufyCam 2C only.
    • Camera Not Included: EufyCam 2C Sold Separately.
    • What’s In The Box: eufyCam 2C Skin (2-Pack)
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