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Continuously power your EufyCams by the sun with this high efficiency waterproof solar panel. This is the only certified Eufy solar panel charger on the market. Using other brands will void your warranty.

Eufy Smart Solar Panel

SKU: T8700021
GST Included |
    • Compatible with All eufyCams: Provide continuous charging for your eufyCam, eufyCam E, eufyCam 2, eufyCam 2 Pro, eufyCam 2C, or eufyCam 2C Pro.
    • Solar-Powered Continuous Charging: The 2.6W high-efficiency solar panel means that with just a few hours of direct sunlight every day, your camera will stay charged around the clock.
    • Easy to Install: The 13ft (4m) cable allows for flexibility when choosing the location of your solar panel and ensures it can get maximum sunlight exposure. The 360-degree mounting bracket and wall anchors make installation easy and flexible.
    • Certified Safe for eufyCam: Only certified eufy Security solar panels can sync with eufyCam to ensure correct power management. Non-certified solar panels may damage the eufyCam battery.
    • IP65 Weatherproof: Built to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • 1. 1x Solar Panel

    2. 1x 13ft (4m) Long Charging Cable

    3. 1x 360-Degree Mounting Bracket

    4. 1x Set of Installation Screws & Wall Anchors

    5. 4x Camera Adapters

    6. 1x Quick Start Guide

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