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Monitor from anywhere. Using the Cygnett Smart App you can remotely check the temperature and humidity in your home.

Cygnett Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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  • Our Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor helps you keep tabs on the climate of any room. Temperature control forever at your fingertips or automated based on your indoor climate. The weather outside may be frightful, but you can make the inside delightful.  

    Perfect for hot or cold days when you’re away and decide to turn-on the air conditioner or heating before arriving home.  

    Automate your indoor climate 

    Set the perfect temperature in any room, perhaps you want your lounge to stay at cool 18°C or a cosy 24°C, program it all in the Cygnett Smart App and you’re set. Or perhaps you want a humidifier to switch-on when the air gets too dry. That’s easy, pair with our Smart Plug and it’s done.  

    Monitor every room

    Use several temperature sensors to monitor every room in your home. Our sensors are easy to install onto almost any surface, helping you to orchestrate the perfect indoor conditions.

    • Monitors temperature & humidity 
    • Create automations 
    • Automated a scene based on temperature
    • Cygnett Smart Hub & IR Remote required
  • Includes

    • Cygnett Smart Window & Door Sensor
    • Pin tool, Screwdriver, Adhesives
    • Quick start guide

    System Requirement

    • Mobile devices running iOS11.3 or higher or Android 5.0x or higher.
    • Cygnett Smart Hub + IR Remote Control
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