The Pulse 2 connects to your home network to unlock the luxury of automated shade control and is designed for for compatibility with Apple HomeKit. Simply set up the Hub and App then instruct Siri to control your smart shades, with your voice, via a variety of Apple devices. Works with Awnings, outdoor shades, roller shades, roman shades, curtains and venetian blinds. (Comptible shades required) Domotic also offers custom shade manufacturing and installation. Contact us for more information.

Automate Shades Pulse Hub 2

SKU: MT02-0401-067001
  • Say what comes naturally to your Apple smart device. If you say, “open”, “lower”, “open a little bit” or “close halfway”, Siri will comprehend and the Automate shades will react accordingly.

    When using your voice to control your Automate smart shades, the Apple Home app and Siri provide the quickest response time between stating the command and the shade moving.

    Ask Siri to report back on the status of your Automate smart shades so you know when to charge the batteries or check if the shades are closed in another room after you have already gone to bed.

    Activate your Automate shades with your voice when you are away from home. Want the shades to close when you’ve left the house? There's no need to hang around, simply ask Siri in the car on your way out.

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